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The Continuing Education Advisory Committee meets monthly. Licensees should be aware that any continuing education application that comes into question will have to be submitted for final approval with the Board. If an application is submitted after October 1 and there is a question as to its content the application may not be approved in time for the December 31 renewal deadline.

For those individuals making application to sit for the exam, please note that the completed application must be received a week prior to the Board meeting date in order to be reviewed. See Exam Application Deadlines below.

All Board meetings and Administrative Hearings are scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise specified. The public is invited to attend. Please contact the Board office for further information.

Board Meeting

May 08 2024 | NC State University Club

Aug 14 2024 | NC State University Club

Nov 13 2024 | NC State University Club

Continuing Education Advisory Committee Meeting

Apr 24 2024 | Phone

May 29 2024 | Phone

Jun 26 2024 | Phone

Jul 31 2024 | Phone

Aug 28 2024 | Phone

Sep 25 2024 | Phone

Oct 30 2024 | Phone

Nov 27 2024 | Phone

Dec 18 2024 | Phone


No events to show

Administrative Hearings

Jun 12 2024 | NC State University Club

Sep 11 2024 | NC State University Club

Dec 11 2024 | NC State University Club

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